YanisRO: Server Information

General information

-Episode 13.2
-Rates : Base exp : 1 / Job exp : 1 / Drops : 1 / Normal cards : 2 / Boss cards : 1
-Max level : 99/50 and 99/70 for transcendent classes
-No cast : 150 dex
-Max attack speed : 190
-Max party size : 12 players with a level gap of 15 levels to share exp

Server Rules

Hello and welcome to Yanis Ragnarok Online, a private server that finds its niche in offering a classic experience with some quality of life improvements as players used to get back when RO was in its bright days. In order to so, we have a set of rules that we would like you to follow if you want to be part of the community and play :

1) The language : We have players from around the world that speak different languages, however, in order to keep a certain degree of communication, English is the main language to be spoken both on the discord server and in the in-game global channels. If you have difficulties with it, do not hesitate to ask for help and eventually someone will help you express yourself.

2) Respect : The people around here are pretty chill and tolerant, but please be mindful of others. Treat the others the same way you would like to be treated. Keep the tone on a light note and avoid being cruel, racist and misogynist. We are here to have fun and escape the daily burden that life can sometimes be. Also, try keeping controversial topics like politics or religion in DM.

3) Exploits and bug abuses : You are free to play by yourself if you want to, but this server promotes party-play, it's a MMORPG after all. To do so, we enforce a strict rule forbidding the use of any kind of exploit or bug to your advantage. Some have been patched, some not and if you want to report one, feel free to contact the staff about it.

4) Multi-clienting : It is deactivated on the server by default. We want to keep a certain ethic in here by not allowing it. Such a rule is there to promote, once again, party-play and give a personality to the server in itself.

5) Account Sharing/Account Possession : Just like the 2 rules above, this one is enforced to prevent ruining the economy and giving an unfair advantage. Please limit yourself to one account per player.

6) Leeching restrictions : Leeching someone who plays actively in order for you to gain experience is fine. It is, however, forbidden in the case of leeching an afk person through the use of an homunculus.

7) Mob trains : While allowed when you are certain that you or your party are alone on the map, please be mindful of others trying to use the same map. It's essential to respect and communicate this topic among the users of the map in order to prevent any frustration. Feel free to use #global or direct messages to ensure everyone is content.

8) Kill and loot stealing : It may happen by mistake and that's fine. But repeatedly killing one's target is considered as an offense and attempt to grief. MVPs and Mini MVPs are however free for all and can be contested. In the case of stealing loots from someone else's kill however, it's strictly forbidden unless you are trying to help the killer salvage his items.

For any question regarding the rules or if you are afraid to transgress one, feel free to ask any member of the staff as any infringement is punishable as they see fit.